Sorority Rush Coaching

Hiking in Heels is the premiere sorority rush coaching program for incoming freshmen and sophomore ladies nationwide. Founded by a recent UT graduate on the sorority rush team, clients include, but are not limited to, ladies participating in recruitment from the University of Texas (UT), Ole Miss, University of Alabama, Texas Tech, Southern Methodist University (SMU), Baylor, University of Georgia (UGA), University of Oklahoma (OKC), University of Southern California (USC), University of Virginia (UVA), Louisiana State University (LSU), University of Miami, University of Arkansas, and Texas A&M. References available upon request.

What to Wear

No one wants to show up looking out of place. Learn exactly what to wear to each specific party so you’ll fit right in.

Rec Letters

Know how many you really need? Or what type? We do. And most importantly, we’re going to give you tips on how to get them, including what else to put in your rush packet.

Social Media Consultation

Yes, sororities will be looking at your Instagram. What does yours say about you?

What to Expect

Want to know some secret tips and tricks? We’re itching to tell you some, and boy, do we know some good ones.

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University of Texas Sorority Houses

Learn more about each sorority.

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Sorority Rush Facts

Know before you go.

What They Say

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