Texas A&M – Sorority Recruitment

A&M sorority recruitment

Gig ’em! Are you considering participating in sorority recruitment at Texas A&M?

College Station has an impressive Greek system, and tons of great chapters to choose from! A&M’s sorority recruitment takes place in the fall, and there are 14 sororities to choose from.

Here are your options:

• Alpha Chi Omega
• Alpha Delta Pi
• Alpha Epsilon Phi
• Alpha Omicron Pi
• Chi Omega
• Delta Delta Delta
• Delta Gamma
• Delta Zeta
• Gamma Phi Beta
• Kappa Alpha Theta
• Kappa Delta
• Kappa Kappa Gamma
• Pi Beta Phi
• Zeta Tau Alpha

Delta Gamma Texas A&M Sorority Recruitment

Photo credit: Texas A&M Delta Gamma Sorority

The Texas A&M sorority recruitment schedule is structured as follows:

Day #1, Part 1, Go Greek

This is comprised of 8 events (each event is 20 minutes with 15-minute breaks in between). Ladies visit 6 chapters (2 of the 8 events will be a 20-minute break).

Each rushee will be provided a white t-shirt to wear. These shirts are typically paired with cute shorts, skort or a skirt and sandals or flats. Athletic shorts are not allowed, nor are alterations to the provided t-shirts. Yes – you can wear platform sandals this day. Wedges aren’t recommended – save those for later.

**General note: you don’t want to wear the same pair of shoes both days. Not because they’ll recognize you “repeated it” but because it can more easily cause blisters if the same material is rubbing on your feet over the course of two days vs. one. Change it up! Your feet will thank you!**

Day #2, Part 2, Go Greek

Another 8 events (each event is 20 minutes with 15-minute breaks in between). Ladies visit the remaining 6 chapters (and again – 2 of the 8 events will be a 20-minute break). Same dress code as Day #1.

Day #3, Part 1, Philanthropy Round/Financial Obligations

You’ll have 4-5 houses, and you’ll spend 35 minutes in each wi15-minute breaks in between.

The recommended attire is a casual sundress or romper with sandals or wedge, depending on your level of footwear tolerance. There’s a LOT of walking and standing involved. (Fun fact: this is why we named the rush coaching program Hiking in Heels.)

Day #4, Part 2, Philanthropy Round/Financial Obligations

The other 4-5 houses. Same length as the day before: 35 minutes. Same 15-minute breaks. Same attire. Yes – you’re going to different houses, but you’ll see the same rushees, so yes, you should have a separate, adorable casual sundress or romper for today’s parties vs. repeating your “favorite” outfit from Philanthropy Day #1.

Day #5, Sisterhood Round

Sisterhood round has a total of 6 houses,  35 minutes in each, with 20-minute breaks in between.
Think banquet, cocktail, or wedding attire. (For example, you could easily get away with a classic navy Lilly Pulitzer with gold trim.) Each event is progressively dressier as they progress from daytime to evening events. Most girls opt for heels or wedges with their nicer sundress or jumpsuit (rompers are a little too casual for this round) that evening.

Day #6, Preference Round

Ladies visit a max 2 houses total on Pref Night. The parties last an hour each and girls have 30-minute breaks in between. This is the dressiest night. While some schools wear one color (black), girls will wear all different colors at A&M. Most ladies wear pearls or nicer jewelry with heels or a dressier wedge.

Day #7, Bid Day!

You receive your bid today!! When you arrive at your new sorority, they’ll give you a shirt with your new sorority letters to change into. You’ll be in a ton of pictures with your new sisters! Flats are recommended – there are so many new sisters to get to walk around and get to know.

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