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Is your daughter off to college soon?
Does she plan to participate in sorority recruitment?
Are you already feeling a little overwhelmed?

As a mom, we recognize that you want to support your daughter. At the same time – the process can be a little daunting.

There is an absolutely overwhelming amount of information online about some aspects of sorority recruitment – and a total lack thereof for others. And it’s all conflicting and a bit intimidating: recruitment resumes, multiple Panhellenic associations, rush photography, sorority recruitment packets, letters of recommendation / RIFs, and wait…when are these due again? Who sends them in? Goodness. Where’s the wine?

Maybe you turned to Google for little research and realized, “oh my goodness, all the info I’m finding online is from 2004.” Or maybe you found more information than you know what to do with and you’re really wanting help making sense of it all.

Breathe easy!! You are in such good hands. You can step away from Google. You now officially have access to SO much more than your husband’s sister or your “really involved sorority friend” that’s been your main source of sorority advice over the past month.

Hiking in Heels is the first and only full-service sorority rush coaching program of its kind, where you are paired with a one-on-one rush coach.

We provide you with all the resources and templates you could possibly need AND a coach who works with you and your daughter on how to best utilize them.

Your rush coach helps you with every step of the sorority recruitment process. She’s someone you can call up at any time for any questions that pop up, whether that’s a question about how to respond to a sorority member DM-ing your daughter on Instagram, an alumna with questions regarding Letters of Recommendation / RIFS, and someone there to listen when you’re overwhelmed and need a pep talk.

We’re here to help YOU help your daughter with everything rush related; all the steps, all the deadlines, and everything in between. Someone you can reach out to 24/7 with whatever questions that come up. Someone to privately listen to and address all the real concerns that Google falls short on.

**If this sounds at all helpful and you have any questions at all – we offer complimentary consultation calls! Email to schedule yours.**

——-> PS – Have you seen our Sorority Recruitment Guide with a step-by-step Checklist & Action Plan? Click here! <——–

Do you need help with sorority recruitment prep?

Current clients/families include BOTH non-Greek mamas determined to figure this whole rush thing out, to previous Greek directors of recruitment making sure they’re up-to-date as possible.

If you’re looking for answers to any of all of the following questions, you are home!

  1. My daughter wants to join a sorority. When should we start getting ready for rush? How early do we need to begin? What about schools with deferred / spring recruitment? Most families begin rush prep SPRING of their daughter’s senior year and choose to begin sometime between February-May so they have ample time to get their materials in. *Quick don’t panic note* If this is all new to you and you’re thinking “oh no, it’s already May or June” yes, there’s still time to get your daughter ready. We can quickly catch you up to speed on all of this.
  2. Help – I was not Greek! / Help – I was Greek, but that was 25+ years ago, and everything has changed! Moms – we’ve got you. Our program founder is a recent graduate from the University of Texas. To ensure we’re providing the most up-to-date recruitment advice, we’ve built up a network of recent Recruitment Chairs and Recruitment officers at various schools, and our Hiking in Heels brand ambassadors (girls currently in the Greek houses) keep us updated on current recruitment preferences and SO much more. We’re extremely grateful for all the amazing Greek girls sending us tips and insights.
  3. Letters of Recommendation / Recruitment Information Forms (RIFs) – What are Letters of Recommendation, does my daughter need a RIF, and how many letters does she need? When are Letters of Recommendation due? Are these really required? How do we complete these? Who is the best person to send these in on her behalf?
  4. Letters of Support (LOS)  – Are these necessary? What’s the difference between a Letter of Recommendation, Recruitment Information Form / RIF, and Letter of Support? When is the deadline to get these in, and how does the submission process vary from the Letters of Recommendation? Do the sororities actually ready these?
  5. Sorority Recruitment Resume – What items should be included on my daughter’s sorority recruitment resume? What does the Director of Recruitment records want to see on these? Is my daughter’s resume competitive compared to other potential new sorority members at a particular school?
  6. Sorority Recruitment Packets – What goes inside my daughter’s sorority recruitment packet? How is this submitted? Have my daughter’s school’s sororities moved exclusively to electronic form submissions yet vs. paper packets? What do the sorority chapters at a particular school prefer to receive this year? Don’t guess! They’ve told us.
  7. University Panhellenic Application Materials – Help filling out the University Panhellenic application, and notes on what to share and what to omit for the most successful sorority recruitment experience.
  8. Resources & Support – Having trouble finding alumnae from 15+ sororities to write your Letters of Recommendation and Letters of Support? Reached out to your local Alumnae Panhellenic for rush help, but never heard back? Don’t have a local Alumnae Panhellenic? We’re here for you! We are experts at connecting moms with the right resources, and we have a TON of templates, samples, and documents to make the process as simple as “copy, paste”.
  9. Sorority Recruitment FAQ – While pre-recruitment sorority prep and paperwork is incredibly important, conversation skills do matter. Much like ACT prep, a few practice runs can make all the difference. We run through the TOP 30 questions your daughter is likely to be asked prior to or during recruitment, and discuss why they’re asking these questions. We rehearse these ahead of time and help girls craft their own answers, based on their own conversational styles. This way, she can confidently go into rush knowing what questions are coming and feeling confident in her answers so she can focus on having fun and chatting with the girls vs. second-guessing her responses as she walks out of the round. Sure, some people make a perfect score on the ACT the first time, but for the rest of us, a little practice can go a long way!

If any of this sounds helpful to you, we welcome you to give us a call and we’ll happily answer any questions you might have! Otherwise, feel free to explore some other resources on our site.

——-> PS – Have you seen our Sorority Recruitment Guide with a step-by-step Checklist & Action Plan? Click here! <——–

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