What’s a sorority rush coach, and should you partner with one if your daughter is participating in sorority recruitment?

Is your daughter off to college soon? Did she excitedly tell you she wants to join a sorority?

Do you feel equally excited, yet terrified at the prospect of helping her prepare for sorority recruitment?

Are you already feeling a little overwhelmed?

Breathe easy!  You’re HOME.

This is the #1 resource for mothers and daughters to navigate every step of the sorority recruitment process – together – with someone to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way.

As a mom, we recognize that you want to support your daughter. At the same time – the process can be a little daunting.

There is an absolutely overwhelming amount of information online. And it’s all conflicting and a bit intimidating: recruitment resumes, rec letters, rush packets, rush photography, and wait…should all of those be printed or digital? Who sends them in?  Goodness.  Where’s the wine?

We’re about to lift some weight off your shoulders. Read on moms – this is for you:

Questions about any of the following topics? We’ve got you covered.

  • Rush resume crafting (includes a free content-based template and 1 on 1 personalized review session)
  • The 411 on Rec Letters, Letters of Support, how they’re graded, and how to approach alumni regarding them
  • Sorority packet preparation – digital + physical (and when to use each method)
  • Sorority rush photography advice + tips
  • What to wear / not to wear during recruitment
  • Differences between Spring & Fall formal and informal recruitment
  • Explanation on COBs vs. snap bids
  • What to expect during sorority recruitment
  • Day by day breakdown of your school’s specific, unique recruitment schedule
  • Recruitment rules to be followed (and the ones to be broken)
  • Digital presence: social media do’s & don’ts
  • Rules on rush dates / dirty rush / summer rush and other pre-recruitment events
  • The math behind the bid list and cut process
    How recruitment cuts work
  • How to maximize your options and reduce your risk of getting cut during recruitment
  • 1 on 1 interview style recruitment prep for recruitment-week conversations
  • Sorority recruitment for incoming freshmen
  • Differences in sorority recruitment for sophomore rushees, 2nd-time rushees, transfer students, and upperclassmen
  • And SO much more.

(For those of you wondering why we switch back and forth between “rush” and “recruitment,” it’s because it’s technically more formal to use “recruitment.” However, rush is interchangeable and commonly used by the wide majority of “rushees” or “potential new members”, which can also be abbreviated as “PNMs.”)

Information That’s Relevant and Useful for Recruitment Today

As soon as your daughter informs her family and friends she plans to rush – the advice starts rolling in.

All of these wonderful, well-meaning women have a different piece of advice on everything from what worked for them 30 years ago, or what helped their daughter’s friend last year at ABC University’s sorority recruitment.

This advice is super interesting and informative, but a little conflicting. Is it relevant to your daughter’s school?

Then, of course, you go online to do your own research and get to the bottom of things. A lot of resources out there are dated. The various ones that aren’t dated often contradict each other.

You’re NOT the only mom/daughter pair that’s overwhelmed, stressed, and losing sleep over this.

Even as all the moms who were in sororities themselves will acknowledge, in the past few years, sorority recruitment has changed significantly. It’s such a relief to find a resource that can help you navigate exactly what you should be doing before and during recruitment at your daughter’s specific school.

Today, mothers and daughters are taking a more creative, active role preparing for the process. That’s where a rush coach comes in. You might be surprised that a program like this exists, but what’s even more surprising is how many ladies are enlisting extra help to prepare for sorority recruitment.  A rush coach helps your daughter position herself competitively maximize her chances of receiving a bid. And here’s the best part: participation is completely anonymous if you’d like it to be.

My daughter plans to attend ____. Can you help her with sorority recruitment there?

Hiking in Heels has assisted ladies with the recruitment process at over 40+ different schools.

While we acknowledge that rush is certainly more competitive at some schools than others, we work with a variety of ladies in various situations participating in formal and informal sorority recruitment at each of the schools listed further down, such as:

  • First-time freshmen rushees
  • Sophomore rushees (first time or 2nd-time rushees)
  • Legacies / non-legacies
  • Out-of-state rushees
  • Transfer students
  • Upperclassmen

After making such a splash at our first school, the University of Texas, we have expanded over the years to work with a robust list of colleges and universities. Click here to view the full list.

If you don’t see your daughter’s school on the list above – don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. We spend more time working with moms and daughters than updating this page, so it’s likely we coach ladies at that school as well. (If not, we can still help with the basics every rushee will need to complete and connect her with the right resources.)

My daughter plans to participate in sorority recruitment. How do we apply for the program? How soon should we apply?

Consider working the first and only sorority rush coaching program in Texas (and the first of its kind in the nation).

A lot of the big decisions surrounding recruitment involve paperwork and are made by the chapters months before recruitment officially begins. That’s great news for you – especially since you’re already here.

Hiking in Heels was featured in the August 2018 Issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine

We know exactly what the Director of Recruitment Records is looking for on your (or your daughter’s) resume, how the houses will rank your letters of recommendation on a scale (and how you can get a higher ranking), how best to prepare your rush packets, how the bid list ordering and cut process works, and what you should actually be discussing during each round.

Most moms and daughters prefer to begin working with a rush coach a year to several months in advance of formal recruitment. The sooner you get started – the more we can do for you.

Working with a rush coach maximizes a rushee’s odds and gives your daughter an advantage long before she steps foot on campus for recruitment so she (let’s be real – so both of you) can participate in recruitment confidently.

It’s just like the SAT – it’s better to go in prepared. Let’s get you (or you and your daughter) recruitment ready.

To apply for the Hiking in Heels program, which was nationally recognized in Cosmopolitan Magazine, call us at (512) 827-7586 or click here to anonymously ask any questions you may have.