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Rushing as a Sophomore: What You Need To Know About Sorority Recruitment as an Upperclassmen image

Sophomore rush.  It’s a big decision, whether it’s your first or second time to dip your toes into the sorority recruitment process. One of our rushees, Madeline L., participated in sorority rush (virtually) at Clemson this past fall 2020. She was sweet enough to contribute a guest blog after recruitment! Read her guest blog below for her perspective on virtual sorority recruitment as a sophomore at a competitive school, her tips and insights for PNMs, and her thoughts on using a sorority rush coach to guide her through the process. 1)  Why were you excited to join a sorority at Clemson? Why did you decide to rush? Well for my freshman year, I was excited to have an opportunity to ...

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What are Sorority Letters of Recommendation / Letters of Support? image

Hi girls! It’s time to address some of the most common questions moms and PNMs ask when it comes to sorority rush: What are Letters of Recommendation, Letters of Support, and Recruitment Information Forms? This is part one of rush prep, and part of what we like to call your “pre-recruitment materials.” If you’re beginning the sorority recruitment process, you likely have learned your university’s rush process necessitates one or more of these items listed above. Other common terms include LOR, RIF, LOS, or Rec Letter. For any school with a competitive recruitment process, these are a must! Let’s break it down: Recruitment Information Form (abbreviation = RIF) – A Recruitment Information Form is just that: a form. This fill-in-the-blank form is ...

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San Antonio Area – Spring 2019 Sorority Recruitment Information Meetings image

(San Antonio list is below. View 2019 Dallas & Fort Worth, Austin area, or Houston area spring forum events by clicking these links.) Hello, San Antonio ladies! Can you believe it? It’s spring semester of your senior year. This fall, you’ll be off to college in your beautifully decorated dorm room. It’s January, so many of you have your acceptance letters in hand by now, and lots of you have selected a college. Congratulations! You can rest a little easier now. (Special shoutout to all those ladies still waiting on acceptance letters – good luck – you’ve got this!) Click here for a complete list of fall 2019 sorority recruitment dates, by university, with registration links. If you’re a San Antonio lady (note: ...

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Pi Beta Phi updates Recruitment Information Form process nationally: alumnae can now submit Letters of Recommendation online. image

Great news for Pi Beta Phi alums and incoming 2019 rushees – Pi Phi officially went digital over the summer and created a means to submit letters of recommendation for incoming rushees electronically. This is a national update. Effective immediately – one can now submit Pi Phi’s PNM recruitment information form /sponsorship form ONLINE without having to print it, fill it out, and mail it to the correct chapter. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that and celebrate! What does this mean for Pi Phi alumnae? This means it’s easier than ever to submit a recruitment information form and sponsor an incoming PNM. Both old and new versions of the form can be found on the national Pi Beta Phi website.  You can view and ...

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Legacy Status: Does it Help or Hurt During Sorority Recruitment? image

Recently, a mom asked me: “My daughter plans to attend either Ole Miss, UGA, or Arkansas this next fall. She is a legacy to a chapter that is well-regarded at most of those schools. Will this help her? Could it hurt her chances at other sororities?” Great question, Plano mom! Let me begin by saying that you absolutely do not have to be a legacy (meaning your mom, sister, or grandmother pledged a sorority back in the day) to join one yourself and enjoy all the amazing aspects of sisterhood. If you’re excited to join a sorority – don’t let that hold you back for one second. On the flip side, legacy status does not mean you’re automatically in, either.  ...

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What’s a sorority rush coach, and should you partner with one if your daughter is participating in sorority recruitment? image

What’s a sorority rush coach, and should you partner with one if your daughter is participating in sorority recruitment? Is your daughter off to college soon? Did she excitedly tell you she wants to join a sorority? Do you feel equally excited, yet terrified at the prospect of helping her prepare for sorority recruitment? Are you already feeling a little overwhelmed? Breathe easy!  You’re HOME. This is the #1 resource for mothers and daughters to navigate every step of the sorority recruitment process – together – with someone to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. As a mom, we recognize that you want to support your daughter. At the same time – the process can be ...

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Sorority Rush Coaching: FAQ image

Well, I’m so glad you asked! I’d like to take a few minutes to address Hiking in Heels sorority rush coaching program’s most frequently asked questions below. “Why should I hire a sorority rush coach?” You wouldn’t take the SAT without preparing in advance, would you? Of course not! So why settle for less during sorority recruitment? When your daughter prepared for college, she might have worked with an SAT prep-course or tutor of some kind. Much like these classes prepared your daughter for success on the SAT, Hiking in Heels Sorority Rush Coaching prepares young ladies for sorority recruitment and maximizes their options, giving them the best chance for a successful recruitment at the college of their choosing. Simply ...

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