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Hello, San Antonio ladies!

Can you believe it? It’s spring semester of your senior year.

This fall, you’ll be off to college in your beautifully decorated dorm room. It’s January, so many of you have your acceptance letters in hand by now, and lots of you have selected a college. Congratulations! You can rest a little easier now. (Special shoutout to all those ladies still waiting on acceptance letters – good luck – you’ve got this!)

Click here for a complete list of fall 2019 sorority recruitment dates, by university, with registration links.

If you’re a San Antonio lady (note: if you live in New Braunfels, Seguin, Garden Ridge, and Spring Branch – those spring forums and related events are listed on our Austin-area page) considering participating in sorority recruitment this fall (or spring, if your college has deferred sorority recruitment), you might be wondering if it’s right for you, and if so, where you should begin.

The answer is San Antonio Sorority Spring Forums!

Or maybe your daughter is considering participating in sorority recruitment, and you’re an awesome momma who’s helping her do her research and get ready for rush. You’re in the right place! These are for you too.

Parents and daughters alike are invited to attend Spring Forums.

***These lists are updated frequently, so bookmark this page! (Last update: 2/5/19)***

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What are Sorority Spring Forums?

A Sorority Spring Forum is a Sorority Recruitment Information Meeting hosted by your local Panhellenic alumnae chapter (Panhellenic alumnae chapters are made up of alumnae from many different sororities from various universities who live in your area). If you plan to participate in recruitment, you will register with both your local alumnae panhellenic association and your university panhellenic association. These are free events, and specifically for local high school seniors and their parents.

Sorority spring forums are the perfect place to begin – whether you’re just beginning to consider rush, or absolutely confident that joining a sorority is for you.

Here’s why attending your local San Antonio alumnae Panhellenic spring forum is a great place to begin your sorority preparation:

  1. It’s a great way to learn more about the value of being in a sorority, how the recruitment process works, and what kind of financial responsibilities accompany sorority membership.
  2. It’s an opportunity to meet and network with local area alumnae. (This will be very helpful with your sorority recruitment process – but don’t worry about that right now – more on that later!)
  3. It’s an easy way to meet other high seniors who plan to participate in rush at your university.

Again – these meetings are free, informational events, and a GREAT way to connect with other rushees and local alumnae. They often have Q&A panels with current sorority members from various schools.

Various alumnaePanhellenic associations have different names for these meetings. You might hear different names like Spring Forums, Spring Sorority Preview events, and Recruitment Forums, which can be a little confusing. If you see different names – know they’re all sorority recruitment information meetings.

Lots of cities have these. San Antonio does too. Scroll down to find your local event information!

This list is updated frequently, so be sure to check back for details! (Last update: 2/5/19)

San Antonio Alumnae Panhellenic

This spring, the San Antonio Alumnae Panhellenic Association will host an annual Sorority Recruitment Information Forum for San Antonio (and San Antonio area) ladies who wish to learn more about joining a sorority and the sorority recruitment process.  Attendees will learn more about sorority life, how to register with both their local and university Panhellenic chapters for both fall and spring recruitment activities, sorority reference letters (rec letters), and associated financial responsibilities. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with local sorority alumnae. See their spring forum details below.

What: Sorority Recruitment Forum
When: Sunday, March 3, 2019 | 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Where: Parkhills Baptist Church, 17747 San Pedro Ave 78232, San Antonio, TX

What you need to know: Attendees will participate in a meet and greet with sorority members (doesn’t clarify whether or not they mean current sorority actives or greek alumnae members). In addition to a helpful spring forum, they also provide scholarships! Learn more here. This event is free and open to the public.

Central Texas Alumnae Panhellenic
(This information is also listed on the Austin page since it’s in between Austin and San Antonio)

If you hail from New Braunfels, Seguin, Garden Ridge, or Spring Branch, Central Texas Alumnae Panhellenic Association is the local alumnae Panhellenic chapter you’ll want to connect with. They host an annual Sorority Recruitment Information meeting every spring, and it’s a great place to meet and connect with local alumnae and learn more about sorority life and sorority recruitment for senior ladies and their families.

What: Spring Informational Meeting
When: TBD – last years took place at the end of April on a Monday evening. As of 2/5 – nothing is posted yet.
Where: TBD – Last years took place at Chris Our King Church, 201

What you need to know: Spring 2019 sorority forum details are TBD. They hosted one last year, and will most likely do so again this spring. Learn more here.

Most larger cities like San Antonio have alumnae Panhellenic associations and will choose to host spring recruitment forums. If you’re looking for the list of spring forums and other sorority-related events in your city, check out our other posts (and upcoming ones!) below:

Don’t see your city? Need help with something else? Complete the form below and we’ll help connect you with your local group and other helpful resources.

sorority rush coaching, sorority rush consultant, sorority recruitment 2019Hiking in Heels is a sorority rush coaching program that exists solely to help high school ladies and their families prepare for sorority recruitment.  It’s a complicated process, and ladies typically start getting ready months in advance. Moms and daughters, we’re here for you!  If you’d like to learn more about sorority rush coaching, read our blog, “What’s a sorority rush coach. Should you partner with one if your daughter is participating in sorority recruitment?

A lot of the big decisions surrounding recruitment involve paperwork and are made by the chapters months before recruitment officially begins. That’s great news for you – especially since you’re already here.

We know exactly what the Director of Recruitment Records is looking for on your (or your daughter’s) resume, how the houses will rank your letters of recommendation on a scale (and how you can get a higher ranking), how best to prepare your rush packets, how the bid list ordering and cut process works, etc.

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Working with a rush coach maximizes a rushee’s odds and gives your daughter an advantage long before she steps foot on campus for recruitment so she (let’s be real – so both of you) can tackle recruitment confidently. Much like the SAT – it’s better to go in prepared.

Let’s get you (or you and your daughter) recruitment ready!