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What to Wear: 2023 Ole Miss Sorority Recruitment Outfit Guide (recently updated, formerly 2019 & 2020 guide) image

Heading to Ole Miss this fall? Considering participating in sorority recruitment? You’re in the right place. Look no further – we’ve curated a day by day “what to wear” recruitment outfit guide that’s relevant for all you 2019 rushees and specific to Ole Miss, based on feedback from current, active Ole Miss sorority members. Without further ado, let’s get to it! **Quick note: All opinions are those of Hiking in Heels. Hiking in Heels is not profiting from any purchases made nor do we have affiliate relationships with these brands. We’re not being compensated in any way – we’re just promoting items we love.** 2019 Ole Miss Sorority Recruitment Outfit Guide Round 1 – Greek Day On Ole Miss’s Greek Day, ...

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